Terms & Conditions
  1. Season pass is valid for 1 month, 30 days after the purchase. Season Pass is valid only for the Cinepolis and Fun Cinemas located in Delhi.
  2. Season pass once purchased, cannot be refunded or exchanged
  3. Tickets purchased through Season Pass cannot be exchanged or refunded for cash or voucher
  4. If it is found that the buyer of Season Pass has transferred the tickets to someone else, the Season Pass will be cancelled, and no money will be refunded
  5. To buy tickets through Season Pass, user will have to SMS “CINEPOLIS REDEEM” to 561616161
  6. On every redemption, users will have to mandatorily buy an F&B voucher worth Rs. 100. Customers can use this voucher to buy any F&B item at Cinepolis/Fun Cinemas.
  7. If price of the F&B item is more than Rs. 100 than user will have to pay extra amount through any of the transaction medium. If item’s worth is lesser than Rs. 100, no refund against the voucher value will be provided.
  8. Tickets can be bought from Paytm app and website. Redemption is not available on any other medium like Cinepolis Website/app or Cinema counter
  9. Season Pass can be used to watch one movie per day.
  10. Cinepolis solely reserves the rights to change/modify or stop the Season Pass program without any prior notice
  11. All prices are subject to change without prior notice.